Certificate & Warranty


GS Certificate 

Lineadecor has the GS certificate (German Geprüfte Sicherheit) which means “tested safety”. GS logo placed on Lineadecor products is a safety mark for the customers in the world particularly in Germany and Europe. Those who see this mark know that the products they use have passed important tests and use Lineadecor kitchens that are produced with high technology in safety.


Kitchen in Lineadecor quality standards are guaranteed for 5 years. Kitchen furniture must be manufactured from high-quality materials since it should withstand to frequent use, steam, humidity and heat. Material selection for Lineadecor kitchens is made by testing for resistance under conditions of use in a kitchen and expected life. Among such testing, there are 200,000 times on-off testing for hinge systems and 100,000 times for drawer systems as well as tests on loading capacities of carriers. Furthermore, the most significant indicator of the quality is positive reactions and appreciations received by customers using Lineadecor kitchens for a long time. The fact that customers purchasing Lineadecor kitchen for the second time or second-generation users emphasize the quality of Lineadecor.