Success is a matter of experience and knowledge…

Lineadecor Kitchens are manufactured by Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri San. A.Ş. which was established in 1991 with the experience and knowledge gained in the wood sector. Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri has played a pioneering role in the development of the modular kitchen sector by constantly increasing investments in technology and humans in line with its importance to production quality. Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri, which made significant investments in its substructure to reach the determined targets, has been active in Gebze facilities in 2006 and renewed all its production with high technology.


Being a global brand maintained its market leading brand position in Turkey.


Producing aesthetic, functional and high quality kitchens with the best prices and best quality of materials, reaching all kitchen users, creating absolute customer satisfaction, giving quality service of sales and after sales with our business partners.

Tested Quality

Kitchen furniture should be resistant to intensive use, water vapor, humidity and heat and should be produced from quality materials. The material selection of the Lineadecor kitchens is based on the tests of the resistance and the life span under the conditions of use in the kitchen. Opening and closing tests on hinge systems 200,000 times and on drawer systems 100,000 times, the studies on load capacity of carriers are important examples of these researches. The most important indication of quality is positive feedbacks and thanks from our customers who have been using Lineadecor kitchen for many years. Today, meeting the customers of Lineadecor kitchens for the second time, or meeting second generation users, is an indication of the quality of our kitchens being tested by our customers as well.

A kitchen is a design product

Lineadecor kitchens make a difference in design, detail, material and product quality. Our company is closely following developments in the world with in-house R & D and P & D department and has pioneered many developments in Turkey. Expanding the possibilities of modular kitchen with its aesthetic and modern lines and different designs, Lineadecor enriches its product range day by day in order to meet personal needs and to meet customer expectations with different solutions in the kitchen.