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Success is a matter of experience and knowledge...

Lineadecor kitchens are manufactured by Dekor Ahsap Urunleri  since 1991, with the experience and knowledge it has acquired in the wooden sector. Dekor Ahsap Urunleri has played a leading role in the development of modular kitchen sector through constantly improving its technology-based and human-oriented investments. Making significant investments in its infrastructure to achieve its predetermined objectives, Dekor Ahsap Urunleri renewed its entire manufacturing facility with high-level technologies upon putting its Gebze facilities in operation in 2006.

Our vision

To be a world wide brand known for increasing people’s quality of life by creating high quality kitchens through best customer experience.

Our mission

Our mission is to become a world wide respected brand, by providing all our customers and business partners with aesthetical, functional and high quality kitchens at the right price, using the highest quality materials,  through excellent service in order to never settle with anything less than absolute customer satisfaction.


Quality is our priority

Kitchen furniture must be manufactured from high-quality materials since it should withstand to frequent use, steam, humidity and heat. Material selection for Lineadecor kitchens is made by testing for resistance under conditions of use in a kitchen and expected life. Among such testing, there are 200,000 times on-off testing for hinge systems and 100,000 times for drawer systems as well as tests on loading capacities of carriers. Furthermore, the most significant indicator of the quality is positive reactions and appreciations received by customers using Lineadecor kitchens for a long time. The fact that customers purchasing Lineadecor kitchen for the second time or second-generation users emphasize the quality of Lineadecor.

Lineadecor Opus

Kitchen is a design product

Lineadecor kitchens make difference with its design, details, materials and product quality. The company closely monitors developments in the world with its in-house Research & Development and Product Development departments and leads many improvements in Turkey. In order to meet demands of customers and respond to customer expectations with different solutions, Lineadecor continuously expands its product range with its aesthetic and modern style.